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Creative ways to involve Kids in your wedding

  Some Creative Ways To Include Kids In Your Wedding If you come from a big family, will be marrying into one or have friends that have children, you know that babies, toddlers and teens are a given. Sometimes it can be quite overwhelming with all the screaming, giggling and crying, especially on day as important as your wedding. Often the attention span of your little guests only lasts for a few seconds or at best a few minutes which is not a lot considering that a wedding ceremony usually lasts an entire day. So until the time comes where the adults can have a little break and the little ones are being attending by a childcare provider, here are six creative and fun ways to include your young guests in your wedding ceremony! 1. Flower Girl A cute way to include a little girl in your wedding ceremony is to appoint her as flower girl. The age range can be anywhere from 4 to 8 years of age. Little girls love the idea of being close t

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